Theme #1 will be: Paul Newman's Jaw-Jack through NOLA

So, things are finally coming into place. I’ve lined up the theme for the first issue, and it’s as much a doozy as it’s obscure:

The following articles will be included:

  • The Hollywood South Shuffle: A back and forth chat with friend and former NOLA Examiner critic Chris Henson on the film itself and what it means (if anything) now.

  • The Big Difficult: An essay on New Orleans as the setting for a hate speech right-wing talk radio apocalypse in WUSA.

  • A Perkins Anxiety: An essay on Anthony Perkins and his charming if nerve-shot performances from Psycho to The Trial to WUSA.

  • Oh So Influential: A list of links (video, audio, and text) for readers who wish to take a further plunge into the thoughts brought up by the film.

The newsletter itself will be free, but I’m considering adding a podcast for those who wish to support this project. Maybe it could include mini-reviews, interviews, audio documentaries, and more?

Publishing date is still TBD as I fulfill my ongoing work with Big Easy Magazine and other freelancing efforts. But… it’s coming very soon.

Til then, here’s a purchase link for WUSA on Blu-Ray. It’s not readily available for streaming (though a questionable copy appears to be on youtube).


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